Dealer Appraisal and Transaction Guidelines

Free Appraisals. Easy and Secure Transactions in Oklahoma City

Gold Buyer OK is a trusted and reputable Oklahoma City gold dealer. We will test and appraise your gold, silver and platinum items right in front of you. We then offer you the highest possible CASH offer for your items. We only need your driver’s license or social security number to complete the transaction and you get to leave with CASH in your hands.

All appraisals are free with no pressure or obligation to sell. All transactions are final at the time of sale. Once you’ve accepted your settlement, all items will be melted and recycled by the dealer.

Surveillance cameras record audio and video of all appraisals, activities and transactions at Gold Buyer OK in OKC. Anyone performing illegal activity or scams will be reported by our dealers and turned in to the Oklahoma City police department.

Have A Trusted Dealer Appraise Your Gold, Silver & Platinum: (405) 943-2800