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Free Quote Call! - (405) 943-2800

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Your OK Gold Buyer!
Oklahoma City Based
Locally Owned
Conveniently Located
Stellar Reputation
39+ Years of Business
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Scientifically tested to
give you top dollar.
We scientifically test your
valuables to make sure that you
get the most cash for your
unwanted gold, silver, and other
precious metals items.
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We buy diamonds!
Get top dollar for your unused
and unwanted diamond jewelry.
Gold Buyer OK offers the best
payout on diamonds in Oklahoma

What we pay you for your unwanted gold at GoldBuyer OK


Karat Gram Pennyweight (dwt) Per Troy/Oz
8 kt $11.52 $17.91 $358.21
9 kt $12.96 $20.14 $402.92
10 kt $14.40 $22.39 $447.32
12 kt $17.28 $26.87 $537.34
13 kt $18.71 $29.10 $582.09
14 kt $20.14 $31.33 $626.83
16 kt $23.03 $35.83 $716.44
17 kt $24.47 $38.05 $760.85
18 kt $26.22 $40.80 $815.78
19 kt $27.35 $42.55 $850.81
20 kt $28.79 $44.78 $895.32
21 kt $30.24 $47.02 $940.32
22 kt $31.68 $49.26 $985.13
23 kt $33.11 $51.50 $1,029.84
24 kt $38.40 $59.71 $1,194.07

Best Gold and Silver Buyer in Oklahoma City

Best Gold and Silver Buyer in Oklahoma City

Looking to sell your gold, silver or diamonds in Oklahoma City? At Dakota Financial, our commitment to you is offering you the highest possible cash for gold of all the Oklahoma City gold buyers. In addition to getting cash for your unwanted gold, we also buy your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, jewelry and coins at our convenient and comfortable Oklahoma City location.

Friendly and Experienced Oklahoma Precious Metal Dealers

Honest and transparent service is our business model. Dakota Financial has a staff of friendly, experienced and reputable gold dealers and experts to help you appraise your precious metals and diamonds. We help you get the most cash for your gold in the Oklahoma City area. We offer no obligation gold, silver, platinum, diamond and jewelry evaluations.

Most Cash For Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds in Oklahoma City!

We can pay top dollar because we buy gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in Oklahoma City in VOLUME. We have always had a reputation of offering the best gold prices in Oklahoma and that continues to be the practice of Gold Buyer OK.

Fast & Easy Appraisals in Oklahoma City

Most gold and silver appraisals only take about 10 minutes at Gold Buyer OK. If you wish to sell silver, platinum or gold jewelry, antiques or other items in a large quantity we welcome appointments at our OKC location.

No Obligation to Sell

We will evaluate and appraise your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and jewelry right in front of you. You are never obligated to accept our cash offer. You have nothing to lose and only CASH to gain! We buy gold in Oklahoma City. We buy silver in Oklahoma City. We buy platinum in Oklahoma City, and we buy diamonds and jewelry in Oklahoma City. Don’t delay — sell your precious metals for cash at Gold Buyer OK today!

Visit this area to learn how to sell your gold and silver the right way

Cash for gold Oklahoma

Looking to get the most money for your unwanted gold and silver? Angie Stevens shows you a better way to sell your gold. We use the lateste testing equipment so we don’t damage your items. Call or visit us today for a free quote.

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We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds & Jewelry in Oklahoma City. Get Cash For Gold in Oklahoma City. Gold Buyer OK, 3001 NW 39th EXPY. Oklahoma City, OK 73112, (405) 943-2800

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